Fargo Division Local Train Brief


Train:                          Nos. 951-952 Mandan North Local (13th Subdivision)


Frequency:                   Daily except Sunday


Purpose:                       To do local work Mandan to Killdeer and handle coal business from mines.


Traffic Handled:            Local business and heavy mine business at all coal mines and power stations on Mandan North Branch.




951-1*             Monday           Depart Mandan            10:00 AM

Arrive Zap                    12:00 Noon

Depart Zap                   12:30 PM

Arrive Glenharold           1:30 PM

Depart  Glenharold          2:00 PM

Arrive Zap                      3:00 PM

Depart Zap                     3:30 PM

Arrive Beulah                 3:45 PM

Tuesday &

Thursday          Depart Beulah                2:00 PM

Arrive Zap                      2:15 PM

Depart Zap                     2:45 PM

Arrive Glenharold           3:45 PM

Depart Glenharold          4:00 PM

Arrive Killdeer    6:00 PM

Wednesday      Depart Killdeer:              2:00 PM

Arrive Glenharold           4:00 PM

Depart Glenharold          4:30 PM

Arrive Zap                      5:15 PM

Depart Zap                     5:45 PM

Arrive Beulah                 6:00 PM

952-1*             Friday              Depart Killdeer   2:00 PM

Arrive Mandan   6:00 PM

951-2*             Saturday           Depart Mandan            10:00 AM

Arrive Zap                    12:00 Noon

952-2*                                     Depart Zap                     1:00 PM

Arrive Mandan   3:00 PM


Terminal Handling:        Mandan make up train in station order.  At other terminals they do their own switching.


Restrictions:                  See Special Instructions.

Grouping:                     Station Order


Terminal Connections:   Mandan with through freight trains.


* These section numbers must be shown on reports to NORPAC.



Office of GST.

Revised 4/14/69