Fargo Division Local Train Brief


Train:                          Nos. 945-946   Bismarck Switch


Purpose:                       To deliver Bismarck business to and from Mandan where it arrives on through freight trains and to connect with the Jamestown-Burleigh Local as necessary.  Also provides connection with Soo Line at Bismarck.


Traffic Handled:            All Bismarck City traffic and connections with the Jamestown-Burleigh Local when necessary.


Schedule:                      Departs Mandan 7:00 AM

Arrives Bismarck 7:20 AM

Departs Bismarck 3:00 PM

Arrives Mandan 3:20 PM


Makes trip to Burleigh as necessary.


Terminal Handling:        Mandan yard makes up the train with specified blocking for easiest spotting at Bismarck.


Restrictions:                  See Special Instructions.


Grouping:                     Bismarck cars are blocked for easiest spotting.  Any cars to be taken to Burleigh for connection with 943-944 are blocked.


Terminating Connections:          Connection at Burleigh with 943-944 as necessary.  At Mandan cars are added to through freights when destined beyond Mandan.

Connects with Soo Line North & South Branches at Bismarck.  Soo Line Trains arrive about 7:00 p.m. and depart 9:00 a.m.



Office of GST

St. Paul, Minn.