Fargo Division Local Train Brief


Train: No. 943 Jamestown to Linton Local. (2nd and 11th Subdivisions)


Frequency: Tuesday and Thursday.


Purpose: To provide connection from Jamestown to Burleigh and to handle all local work at intermediate stations between Jamestown and Burleigh. Bismarck switch picks up at Burleigh when necessary. Provides connection with Milwaukee Railroad at Linton.


Traffic Handled. Traffic destined to and from any intermediate point between Jamestown and Burleigh.


Schedule: Departs Jamestown 7:00 AM

Arrives Linton 11:30 AM


Terminal Handling: Cars for intermediate points blocked in station order.


Restrictions: See Special Instructions.


Grouping: Make up from head end.


Group 1. Cars for intermediate stations between Jamestown and Burleigh.


Group 2. Cars for Bismarck and beyond.


Terminating connections: Bismarck switch.

Milwaukee Railroad at Linton. Milwaukee arrives Linton about 7:00 PM.



Office of GST.

St. Paul, Minn.