Fargo Division Local Train Brief


Train:                          No. 931-932 Jamestown to Oakes Turn (6th Subdivision)


Frequency:                   Bi-weekly Thursday and Saturday.  Leave Jamestown to Oakes and return to Jamestown.


Purpose:                       To provide local service to all intermediate points between Jamestown and Oakes on the Sixth Subdivision.


Traffic Handled:            All local service including LCL freight.  Receives meat from CNW for Portland.


Schedule:                      Departs Jamestown at 10:00 AM arrives Oaks about 3:00 PM.

Departs Oakes about 3:30 PM arrives Jamestown about 7:20 PM.

Protects interchange with Chicago Northwester at Oakes.


Restrictions:                  See Special Instructions.


Grouping:                     Make up from head end.  Terminating connections with Chicago Northwestern at Oakes.

Chicago Northwestern arrives at Oakes about 3:00 PM.



Office of GST.

St. Paul, Minn.