Fargo Division Local Train Brief


Train: No. 477 Valley City Switch Dilworth to Jamestown Local.

No. 478 Valley City Switch Jamestown to Dilworth Local.


Frequency: As needed to afford service to industries in Valley City, stations between Jamestown and Dilworth and to balance chain gang crews.


Purpose: Serve Valley City primarily as well as supplement service to main line stations and balance chain gang crews.


Traffic Handled: Lumber, produce, perishables, petroleum products, machinery, grain, fertilizers, feed, furniture.


Schedule: On duty at Dilworth or Jamestown as needed.

No set time.


Connection: None. (Main line trains at Dilworth or Jamestown.)


Terminal Handling: Ordinarily handles freight to terminal, except when run eastbound, may set out west cars for pick-up at Berea.


On Line Performance: Performs switching at Valley City as well as serving main line stations that may require service.



Office of GST.