Fargo Division Local Train Brief


Train: No 461 Dilworth McHenry Cooperstown*

No 480 Cooperstown Dilworth


Frequency: Tuesday and Friday Dilworth to McHenry to Cooperstown.

Wednesday and Saturday Cooperstown to Dilworth.


Purpose: Serve any and all stations west of West Fargo with occasional side trip to Valley City


Traffic Handled: Lumber, petroleum products, grain, various items of LCL, cream, fertilizer, gravel, machinery.


Schedule: On duty Dilworth 6:30 AM Cooperstown 6:15 AM


Connection: None (main line trains on arrival Dilworth)


Terminal Handling: Ordinarily set out west cars at Berea east cars to Dilworth.


On Line

Performance: Local switching service supplemented at times on main line by Valley City Switch Run.


* Train 462 will operate as train 462 from McHenry to Cooperstown but will not be reported as a separate train.



Office of GST.