NP & SP&S 4-8-4 Northerns Classes A3, A4 & E1


W&W Hobbies has received the following information from Sunset Models on a new line of exciting, fully detailed, limited edition 100% lifetime brass scale models for "HO".  The 20th Century Limited Edition models are built for operators as well as collectors.  Featuring a brand new, all ditital sound system called "Sunset Sound".  Synchronized to the motion of the drivers, the chuffing sounds will signal a new standard for "HO" sound and compatibility.  Each model will come with a free box to operate the whistle and bell and can be used with any existing DC transformer.


Install your favorite DCC decoder to have full control of the features of your new high tech masterpiece.  Enjoy full range of operation.  These models have a 12 volt operation range from 3 volts to 15 volts on the track.  Other sound equipped models won't move until they reach 9 volts on the track, giving only 1/2 of the operation range of a 20th Century Limited Edition.  First in the series of fine brass models is the NP "A" Class 4-8-4.  There are 4 different versions to choose from, the SP&S #700 is still in operation (A-3 with oil tender).  The A-3 with a 6 wheel truck semi-vanderbuilt coal tender, the A-4 with a grey painted boiler, stamped pilot, centipede tender, all weather cab and vestibule.


SP&S #700 w/sound 4-8-4 MSRP $699.95  WW $579.00($100.00 deposit) NP A-3(open cab)w/sound 4-8-4 MSRP $699.95  WW $579.00($100.00 deposit) NP A-4(grey boiler)w/sound 4-8-4 MSRP $749.95  WW $629.00($100.00 deposit) NP A-5(black boiler)w/sound 4-8-4 MSRP $699.95  WW $579.00($100.00 deposit)

Expected Arrival Date is July/August 2006.


All prices include the tax, shipping extra.  Make checks payable to W&W Hobbies, we accept Personal Checks, Money Orders and Cashiers Checks, no Credit Cards.  Please get your reservation in early, with deposit, and don't get caught short, because, "He Who Snoozes, Looses"!  We have had many customers wait to see what the model is going to look like, by that time, the model is on a "Standby" basis.  There will be few models produced and that will be it!  Any questions, let us know.  Thanks for all the business, W&W Hobbies is keeping the prices low and affordable for everyone.


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