mime-version: 1.0 content-location: file:///C:/D928D0E1/ModelingReviewFormInstructionsA.htm content-transfer-encoding: quoted-printable content-type: text/html; charset="us-ascii" Use the table below to submit a review of an NP model that you have= purchased or seen to help other models find items to add to their layouts=

Use the table below = to submit a review of an NP model that you have purchased or seen to help other mode= ls find items to add to their layouts.  To prepare a submittal, do the following:

  1. Save this form as an .MHT document on the hard drive of your computer using File > Save As.<= /span>
  2. Close the open browser and reopen the docu= ment you saved on your computer.
  3. Select File > Edit with Microsoft Word.=
  4. Highlight the first Description record you= want to add.
  5. Type your description for each item, there= by replacing the Instructions for each line.
  6. When your Form is complete, Save the docum= ent
  7. Email the document along with a  photo of the model to NPRHAResearch@hotmail.com


Item Name

Descriptions & Instructions=


Email a scanned picture of the model that= is at least 300 pixels wide and saved as a JPG format.


To be added be the web site administrator=

Walthers ID:

The catalog number assigned by Wm. K= . Walthers, Inc.


Indicate if the model is HO, O, N, G scal= e, etc.


The company that has their name on the mo= del.

Manufacturer ID No:

The identification number assigned by the manufacturer.


Suggested sales price by the manufacturer= .

Kit Type:

The type parts the make up the kit.<= /o:p>

Production Type:

Is this kit in regular production or is i= t a special run.

Release Date:

The date of original production, if known= .

Equipment Type:

What the kit is modeling: locomotive, car, structure, etc.

AAR Class:

The Class designated for Equipment Type b= y the Association of American Railroads (AAR)


A brief description of the model and any relevant features.

Car Numbers:

If the model is of rolling stock or locomotives, indicate the NP number or series assigned.

Paint Scheme:

Is or how the model is painted.


The name of the person submitting the rev= iew.