NP Model Submittal Form

Use the table below to submit a review of an NP model that you have purchased or seen to help other models find items to add to their layouts.  To prepare a submittal, do the following:

  1. Save this form as an .MHT document on the hard drive of your computer using File > Save As.
  2. Close the open browser and reopen the document you saved on your computer.
  3. Select File > Edit with Microsoft Word.
  4. Highlight the first Description record you want to add.
  5. Type your description for each item, thereby replacing the Instructions for each line.
  6. When your Form is complete, Save the document
  7. Email the document along with a  photo of the model to


Item Name

Descriptions & Instructions


Email a scanned picture of the model that is at least 300 pixels wide and saved as a JPG format.


To be added be the web site administrator

Walthers ID:

The catalog number assigned by Wm. K. Walthers, Inc.


Indicate if the model is HO, O, N, G scale, etc.


The company that has their name on the model.

Manufacturer ID No:

The identification number assigned by the manufacturer.


Suggested sales price by the manufacturer.

Kit Type:

The type parts the make up the kit.

Production Type:

Is this kit in regular production or is it a special run.

Release Date:

The date of original production, if known.

Equipment Type:

What the kit is modeling: locomotive, car, structure, etc.

AAR Class:

The Class designated for Equipment Type by the Association of American Railroads (AAR)


A brief description of the model and any relevant features.

Car Numbers:

If the model is of rolling stock or locomotives, indicate the NP number or series assigned.

Paint Scheme:

Is or how the model is painted.


The name of the person submitting the review.