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A list of active NP stations as of this revision of Circular No. 21 dated January 1899.  Branch station numbers show the distance from the branch's intersection with the main Line. Main line station numbers are the distance from Ashland WI. By the orginal charter, branch lines were operated as independent railroads outside a division before the 1896 NP Reorganization. Information compiled by Paul Curtiss.

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1319MTBitter Root Branch
RD1MTBitter Root Branch
RD11MTBitter Root Branch
RD14MTBitter Root Branch
RD17MTBitter Root Branch
RD20MTBitter Root Branch
RD21MTBitter Root Branch
RD22MTBitter Root Branch
RD23MTBitter Root Branch
RD24MTBitter Root Branch
RD28MTBitter Root Branch
RD30MTBitter Root Branch
RD32MTBitter Root Branch
RD34MTBitter Root Branch
RD36MTBitter Root Branch
RD36.5MTBitter Root Branch
RD37MTBitter Root Branch
RD38MTBitter Root Branch
RD39MTBitter Root Branch
RD4MTBitter Root Branch
RD41MTBitter Root Branch
RD41.5MTBitter Root Branch
RD42MTBitter Root Branch
RD43MTBitter Root Branch
RD46MTBitter Root Branch
RD48MTBitter Root Branch
RD51MTBitter Root Branch
RD6MTBitter Root Branch
1189MTBoulder Branch
TF1MTBoulder Branch
TF10MTBoulder Branch
TF11MTBoulder Branch
TF12MTBoulder Branch
TF13MTBoulder Branch
TF16MTBoulder Branch
TF18MTBoulder Branch
TF21MTBoulder Branch
TF24MTBoulder Branch
TF27MTBoulder Branch
TF29MTBoulder Branch
TF32MTBoulder Branch
TF33MTBoulder Branch
TF38MTBoulder Branch
TF4MTBoulder Branch
TF40MTBoulder Branch
TF41MTBoulder Branch
TF42MTBoulder Branch
TF44MTBoulder Branch
TF46MTBoulder Branch
TF5MTBoulder Branch
TF7MTBoulder Branch
TF8MTBoulder Branch
TF9MTBoulder Branch
NA217MinnBrandon Branch
NC10MinnBrandon Branch
NC102MinnBrandon Branch
NC105MinnBrandon Branch
NC110MinnBrandon Branch
NC117MinnBrandon Branch
NC120MinnBrandon Branch
NC123MinnBrandon Branch
NC130MinnBrandon Branch
NC134MinnBrandon Branch
NC137MinnBrandon Branch
NC145MinnBrandon Branch
NC21MinnBrandon Branch
NC26MinnBrandon Branch
NC34MinnBrandon Branch
NC4MinnBrandon Branch
NC40MinnBrandon Branch
NC49MinnBrandon Branch
NC50MinnBrandon Branch
NC54MinnBrandon Branch
NC62MinnBrandon Branch
NC68MinnBrandon Branch
NC75MinnBrandon Branch
NC79MinnBrandon Branch
NC86MinnBrandon Branch
NC92MinnBrandon Branch
RE128IDBurke Branch
RF1IDBurke Branch
RF1.5IDBurke Branch
RF2IDBurke Branch
RF3IDBurke Branch
RF3.5IDBurke Branch
RF3.6IDBurke Branch
RF4IDBurke Branch
RF5IDBurke Branch
RF6IDBurke Branch
RF6.25IDBurke Branch
RF6.8IDBurke Branch
RF7IDBurke Branch
1949WABurnett Branch
CC2WABurnett Branch
CC4WABurnett Branch
1120MTButte LineCanon House until Nov 26, 1889
TD13MTButte Line
TD19MTButte Line
TD26MTButte Line
TD27MTButte Line
TD31MTButte Line
TD34MTButte Line
TD38MTButte Line
TD45MTButte Line
TD5MTButte Line
TD50MTButte Line
TD52MTButte Line
TD54MTButte Line
TD54.5MTButte Line
TD55MTButte Line
TD55.25MTButte Line
TD57MTButte Line
TD59MTButte Line
TD60MTButte Line
TD61MTButte Line
TD68MTButte Line
TD70MTButte Line
TD71MTButte Line
NA46MinnCarthage Branch
NB1MinnCarthage Branch
NB10MinnCarthage Branch
NB12MinnCarthage Branch
NB16MinnCarthage Branch
NB17MinnCarthage Branch
NB19MinnCarthage Branch
NB23MinnCarthage Branch
NB27MinnCarthage Branch
NB3MinnCarthage Branch
NB32MinnCarthage Branch
NB33MinnCarthage Branch
NB41MinnCarthage Branch
NB44MinnCarthage Branch
NB48MinnCarthage Branch
NB51MinnCarthage Branch
NB54MinnCarthage Branch
NB8MinnCarthage Branch
336NDCasselton Branch
DG1NDCasselton Branch
DG12NDCasselton Branch
DG19NDCasselton Branch
DG24NDCasselton Branch
DG27NDCasselton Branch
DG32NDCasselton Branch
DG36NDCasselton Branch
DG4NDCasselton Branch
DG41NDCasselton Branch
DG47NDCasselton Branch
DG52NDCasselton Branch
DG6NDCasselton Branch
DG60NDCasselton Branch
DG60.5NDCasselton Branch
TA10MTClark's Fork Branch
TK12MTClark's Fork Branch
TK19MTClark's Fork Branch
TK6MTClark's Fork Branch
II46IDClearwater Short Line
IK12IDClearwater Short Line
IK13IDClearwater Short Line
IK20IDClearwater Short Line
IK25IDClearwater Short Line
IK29IDClearwater Short Line
IK3IDClearwater Short Line
L21MinnCloquet Branch
LC7MinnCloquet BranchKnife Falls until 1883
1325IDCoeur D'Alene Line
RE10IDCoeur D'Alene Line
RE105IDCoeur D'Alene Line
RE108IDCoeur D'Alene Line
RE11IDCoeur D'Alene Line
RE110IDCoeur D'Alene Line
RE112IDCoeur D'Alene Line
RE113IDCoeur D'Alene Line
RE117IDCoeur D'Alene Line
RE118IDCoeur D'Alene Line
RE119IDCoeur D'Alene Line
RE12IDCoeur D'Alene Line
RE120IDCoeur D'Alene Line
RE121IDCoeur D'Alene Line
RE122IDCoeur D'Alene Line
RE124IDCoeur D'Alene Line
RE125IDCoeur D'Alene Line
RE128IDCoeur D'Alene Line
RE14IDCoeur D'Alene Line
RE15IDCoeur D'Alene Line
RE16IDCoeur D'Alene Line
RE19IDCoeur D'Alene Line
RE2IDCoeur D'Alene Line
RE20IDCoeur D'Alene Line
RE21IDCoeur D'Alene Line
RE25IDCoeur D'Alene Line
RE31IDCoeur D'Alene Line
RE33IDCoeur D'Alene Line
RE39IDCoeur D'Alene Line
RE42IDCoeur D'Alene Line
RE45IDCoeur D'Alene Line
RE47IDCoeur D'Alene Line
RE49IDCoeur D'Alene Line
RE53IDCoeur D'Alene Line
RE58IDCoeur D'Alene Line
RE61IDCoeur D'Alene Line
RE63IDCoeur D'Alene Line
RE71IDCoeur D'Alene Line
RE72IDCoeur D'Alene Line
RE74IDCoeur D'Alene Line
RE87IDCoeur D'Alene Line
RE96IDCoeur D'Alene Line
RE128IDCoeur D'Alene Line (Narrow Gauge)
RE129IDCoeur D'Alene Line (Narrow Gauge)
RE130IDCoeur D'Alene Line (Narrow Gauge)*?Samp.
RE131IDCoeur D'Alene Line (Narrow Gauge)
RE133IDCoeur D'Alene Line (Narrow Gauge)
RE134IDCoeur D'Alene Line (Narrow Gauge)
RE135IDCoeur D'Alene Line (Narrow Gauge)
RE137IDCoeur D'Alene Line (Narrow Gauge)
RE139IDCoeur D'Alene Line (Narrow Gauge)
RE143IDCoeur D'Alene Line (Narrow Gauge)
RE145IDCoeur D'Alene Line (Narrow Gauge)
RE145.5IDCoeur D'Alene Line (Narrow Gauge)
RE146IDCoeur D'Alene Line (Narrow Gauge)
RE146.5IDCoeur D'Alene Line (Narrow Gauge)
RE147IDCoeur D'Alene Line (Narrow Gauge)
RE149IDCoeur D'Alene Line (Narrow Gauge)
RE150IDCoeur D'Alene Line (Narrow Gauge)
RE152IDCoeur D'Alene Line (Narrow Gauge)
RE153IDCoeur D'Alene Line (Narrow Gauge)
1076MTCokedale Branch
TC4MTCokedale Branch
385NDCooperstown Branch
DC12NDCooperstown Branch
DC18NDCooperstown Branch
DC27NDCooperstown Branch
DC36NDCooperstown Branch
DC40NDCooperstown Branch
DC41NDCooperstown Branch
DC45NDCooperstown Branch
DC51NDCooperstown Branch
DC6NDCooperstown Branch
DC63NDCooperstown Branch
DC63NDCooperstown Branch
DC9NDCooperstown BranchOdell until Oct 10, 1897
1955WACrocker Branch
CD1WACrocker Branch
CD2WACrocker Branch
CD5WACrocker Branch
316NDDakota Division
320NDDakota Division
324NDDakota Division
328NDDakota Division
331NDDakota Division
334NDDakota Division
336NDDakota Division
339NDDakota Division
342NDDakota Division
345NDDakota Division
346NDDakota Division
352NDDakota Division
358NDDakota Division
363NDDakota Division
368NDDakota Division
370NDDakota Division
374NDDakota Division
379NDDakota Division
381NDDakota Division
385NDDakota Division
390NDDakota Division
394NDDakota Division
398NDDakota Division
403NDDakota Division
406NDDakota Division
409NDDakota Division
416NDDakota Division
418NDDakota Division
423NDDakota Division
425NDDakota Division
429NDDakota Division
438NDDakota Division
446NDDakota Division
454NDDakota Division
459NDDakota Division
464NDDakota Division
467NDDakota Division
470NDDakota Division
474NDDakota Division
478NDDakota Division
486NDDakota Division
492NDDakota Division
497NDDakota Division
506NDDakota Division
508NDDakota Division
510NDDakota Division
511NDDakota Division
512NDDakota Division
513NDDakota Division
514NDDakota Division
515NDDakota Division
MA87NDDakota Southeastern Branch
MB15NDDakota Southeastern Branch
MB3NDDakota Southeastern Branch
MB5NDDakota Southeastern Branch
MB7NDDakota Southeastern Branch
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