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Copyright by Allen Rueter 2005.  The orignal document was provided by Dick Eisfeller, I have made a best effort to transcribe the orignal document. I have entered known errors, put in question marks where I can not make things out, and entered comments on what it might be. This copyright reserves all commercial rights, but permits the free sharing and non-commercial use of this document in either digital or printed format. 

April 1969All
4-12-1969JamestownX7014DE75-28=7810AR 1840COHEAN
Caboose 903
Caboose 1121
7-17-1969JamestownX70116-129-4097AR 725a
7-17/1969JamestownX2508E58-22=4612ar 320aR A Miller
Caboose 10404
7-17-1969JamestownX297E48-37=4879ar 1205aMcKay
Caboose 10407
7-17-1969JamestownX6000DE51-33=4783ar 115aDiBrito
Caboose 10403
7-17-1969JamestownX6014AE43-51=4990ar 640pSmith
Caboose 1110
7-17-1969JamestownX7001DE71-7=6628ar 1105aGutemohm
Caboose 1119
7/17/1969JamestownX320E24-17=2132ar 835pJ A Carlascis
Caboose 1078. Dp Oaks 56969 @ 500p Blue paper hand written
Caboose 1077
7/17/1969JamestownX268E34-7=3506ar 1115pOlsen
7/17/1969JamestownX7001W65-14=3744ar 1040aLee
Caboose 10422
7/17/1969JamestownX379W43-36=3971AR 945PMcShane
Caboose 912
7/17/1969JamestownX6015AW62-91=7699ar 305pTomlinson
Caboose 10409
7/17/1969JamestownX6005AW14-69=3031ar 200aOtterson
Caboose 10416
7/17/1969JamestownX343W6-88=2739ar 1105pNorberg
Caboose 1139