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NP Freight Equipment Index.  Click the SRID to open the series detail page.  Source: NP Ry Mechanical Dept.

Finding What You Want on this Page

The best way to find items on this page is by using Column Filtering.  Here are the detailed instructions:​​

  • Put your cursor over the header at the top of the column you want to filter.  Click the down-arrow when it appears and select "Show Filter Choices."
  • Scroll down the list that appears and click the value you are seeking.  The click results in a table showing all items matching the value.
  • This table can be further Column Filtered by repeating the process using another column to reduce the number of items in the table.
  • When you want to change your filter choice, click "Show Filter Choices" again, click "Clear Filter for Item," then select a new item.​​​ ​​
Count = 439
100-149Refrigerator MechanicalRP50155155PC&F1955
150-249Refrigerator MechanicalRP100156156PC&F1956
250-299Refrigerator MechanicalRP100156-A156-APC&F1959
300-399Refrigerator MechanicalRP100156-B156-BPC&F1960
400-449Refrigerator MechanicalRPL50156-C156-CPC&F1961
450-499Refrigerator MechanicalRPL50156-D156-DPC&F1962
500Refrigerator MechanicalRP1157-A157-APC&F1957
501-525Refrigerator MechanicalRP25157157PC&F1958
526-550Refrigerator MechanicalRPL25157-B157-BPC&F1963
551-620Refrigerator MechanicalRPL70157-C157-CPC&F1964
621-625Refrigerator MechanicalRPL5157-D157-DPC&F1964
626-630Refrigerator MechanicalRPL5157-E157-EPC&F1965
631-725Refrigerator MechanicalRPL95157-F157-FPC&F1965
726-870Refrigerator MechanicalRPL145157-G157-GPC&F1966
800-899Reefer IceRS1001951
871-875Refrigerator MechanicalRPL5157-H157-HPC&F1966
876-975Refrigerator MechanicalRPL100157-J157-JPC&F1967
900-999Reefer IceRS100MDT1946
1000-1009Box Car EquippedXML10 17171944 AAR EarlyPS 58071945
1010-1024Box Car EquippedXML15 17-A17-A1944 AAR LateN.P.RY.CO.1953
1025-1032Box Car EquippedXML8 25251944 AAR LateN.P.RY.CO.1953
1033-1035Box Car EquippedXML3 26261944 AAR LateN.P.RY.CO.1953
1036-1043Box Car EquippedXML8 27271944 AAR LateN.P.RY.CO.1953
1044-1062Box Car EquippedXML19 26261944 AAR LateN.P.RY.CO.1953
1063-1064Box Car EquippedXML2 27271944 AAR LateN.P.RY.CO.1953
1065-1070Box Car EquippedXML6 29291937 Wood DsPCF1937
1071-1074Box Car EquippedXML4 26261944 AARLateN.P.RY.CO.1953
1100-1289Box Car EquippedXML195 181850' AARN.P.RY.CO.1950
1290-1295Box Car EquippedXML6 191950
1296Box Car EquippedXML1 19-A19-AN.P.RY.CO.1962
1297Box Car EquippedXML1 19-B19-BN.P.RY.CO.1959
1298Box Car EquippedXML1 19-F19-FN.P.RY.CO.1959
1300-1305Box Car EquippedXML6 19-C19-CPS1966
1350-1414Box Car EquippedXP65 16-A16-AN.P.RY.CO.1968
1415-1499Box Car EquippedXP85 16-A16-AN.P.RY.CO.1968
1500-1599Refrigerator MechanicalRPL100157-K157-KPC&F1967
1600-1649Refrigerator MechanicalRPL50157-L157-LPC&F1968
1700-1999Box Car EquippedXML300 19-E19-EN.P.RY.CO.1966
2000-2174Box CarXM175 1313N.P.RY.CO.1961
2175-2349Box CarXM175 1313
2350-2549Box CarXM200 1414N.P.RY.CO.1962
2550-2648Box CarXM99 1414
2650-2749Box CarXM100 1515N.P.RY.CO.1963
2750-2849Box CarXM100 1515
2850-2864Box CarXM15 15-A15-AN.P.RY.CO.1963
2865-2874Box CarXM10 15-B15-BN.P.RY.CO.1963
2900-2919Box Car EquippedXL20 32-B32-BGUNDERSON BROS.1967
3000-3399Box CarXM400 1616Ps-1PS 85301959
3764-3882Box CarXM119 3030N.P.RY.CO.1963
3882-3999Box CarXM118 3030
4000-4499Box CarXM500 2828N.P.RY.CO.1960
4600-4689Box Car EquippedXML90 19-D19-DN.P.RY.CO.1967
4600-4699Box Car EquippedXML100 19-D19-DN.P.RY.CO.1967
4700-4997Box CarXM2982020PC&F1929
5000-5499Box CarXM5002121PRESSED STEEL CAR CO.1926
5000-5295Box Car EquippedXML295 3131N.P.RY.CO.1964
5296-5299Box Car EquippedXML4 3232N.P.RY.CO.1965
5300-5699Box Car EquippedXML400 32-A32-AN.P.RY.CO.1966
5500-5999Box CarXM500 2121STANDARD STEEL CAR CO.1926
5900-5999Box CarXM1002121PR.ST.CAR & STD.ST.CAR1926
6000-6499Box CarXM500 2222N.P.RY.CO.1955
6500-6999Box CarXM500 2323Double Door RivetN.P.RY.CO.1956
7000-7449Box CarXM450 2323Double Door RivetN.P.RY.CO.1957
7500-7899Box CarXM400 2323Double Door RivetN.P.RY.CO.1959
8000-8449Box CarXM450 2424N.P.RY.CO.1958
8000-8449Box CarXM450 2424N.P.RY.CO.1958
8000-8449Box CarXM450 2424N.P.RY.CO.1958
8450-8849Box CarXM400 24-A24-AN.P.RY.CO.1959
9149Box CarXM1 24-B24-B1960
9150-9200Box CarXM51 24-B24-B1960
9201-9249Box CarXM49 24-B24-B1960
9480-9998Box CarXM519 33331937 Wood DsPCF1937
10000-10999Box CarXM1000 34341923 Wood DsWEST. STL. CAR & FDRY.1923
11000-11999Box CarXM1000 34341923 Wood DsACF1923
12000-12999Box CarXM1000 34341923 Wood DsGEN. AM. CAR CO.1923
13000-13499Box CarXM500 34341923 Wood DsPS1925
13500-13999Box CarXM500 34341923 Wood DsPCF1925
14000-14499Box CarXM500 35351923 Wood DsN.P.RY.CO.1931
14500-14999Box CarXM500 36361931 Wood SsN.P.RY.CO.1931
15000-15499Box CarXM500 37371937 AarPS 56211940
15000-15499Box CarXM500 37371937 AarPS 56211940
15500-15999Box CarXM500 37371937 AarACF 19931940
15500-15999Box CarXM500 37371937 AarACF 19931940
16000-16999Box CarXM1000 37371937 AarACF 21941941
17000-17499Box CarXM500 37371937 AarPS 56621941
17500-17899Box CarXM400 37371937 AarPS 56621941
17900-17999Box CarXM100 37371937 AarN.P.RY.CO.1941
18000-18749Box CarXM750 44441944 Aar LateN.P.RY.CO.1949
19000-19999Box CarXM1000 43431944 Aar LateN.P.RY.CO.1953
20000-20499Box CarXM500 45451931 Wood SsN.P.RY.CO.1931
20500-20511Box CarXM12 45-A1931 Wood SsN.P.RY.CO.1931
20550-20563Box CarXM14 47471923 Wood DsWEST. STL. CAR & FDRY.1923
21000-21958Box CarXM959 39-A39-AWar Emergency1944
22000-22049Box CarXM50 43-A43-A1944 Aar LateN.P.RY.CO.1953
24000-24499Box CarXM500 46461944 Aar LateN.P.RY.CO.1951
24500-24999Box CarXM500 61611944 Aar MidN.P.RY.CO.1948
25000-25999Box CarXM1000 60601944 Aar EarlyN.P.RY.CO.1947
26000-27349Box CarXM1350 38381941 AarACF 23391941
27350-27499Box CarXM150 38381941 AarN.P.RY.CO.1942
27500-27999Box CarXM500 38381941 AarPS 56981942
28000-28749Box CarXM750 3939War EmergencyPS 58071944
28750-28999Box CarXM250 3939War EmergencyPRESSED STL. CAR CO.1944
29000-29499Box CarXM500 40401944 Aar EarlyPS 58071945
29500-29749Box CarXM250 41411944 Aar EarlyACF 27861946
29750-29999Box CarXM250 41411944 Aar EarlyACF 27861946
30000-30988Box CarXM989 5050GEN. AMER. CAR. CO.1923
30990-30999Box CarXM10 50-A50-AN.P.RY.CO.1931
31000-31499Box CarXM500 515150' AarN.P.RY.CO.1950
31500-31788Box CarXM289 51-A51-A50' AarN.P.RY.CO.1950
36000-36299Box CarXM300 49-A49-APS1947
37000-37899Box CarXM900 56561936
38168-38667Box CarXM500 53531945
38668-38759Box CarXM92 5454ACF1941
38760-38999Box CarXM240 5558MAGOR1936
39000-39334Box CarXM335 4848GREENVILLE STL. CO.1937
39500-39609Box CarXM110 4949BETHLEHEM STL. CO.1937
39610-39759Box CarXM150 5252N&W RY.1937
40043Box CarXM1 4747Steel Center SillACF1912
40050-Box CarLC147471923 Wood DsACF1923
40051-Box CarLC147471923 Wood DsPCF1925
40053-Box CarLC147471923 Wood DsACF1923
40054-Box CarLC147471923 Wood DsWEST. STL. CAR & FDRY.1923
40055-40057Box CarLC347471931 Wood SsN.P.RY.CO.1931
40100-40102Box CarLC347471937 Wood DsPCF1937
40500-40917Box CarXM418 59591937 Wood DsPCF1937
41000-41045Box CarXM46 57571937 AarACF & PS1940
41000-41045Box CarXM46 57571937 AarACF & PS1940
41000-41949Box CarXM950 57571937 AarACF & PS1940
41950-41953Box CarXM54 57-A57-A1937 AarN.P.RY.CO.1941
41954-42039Box CarXM186 57-A57-A1937 AarN.P.RY.CO.1941
42040-42114Box CarXM75 57-B57-B1937 AarACF 21941941
42115-42989Box CarXM875 57-B57-B1937 AarACF 21941941
42990-43039Box CarXM50 57-C1937 AarPS 56621941
43040-43999Box CarXM960 57-C1937 AarPS 56621941
44000-44082Box CarXM83 58581941 AarACF 23391942
44083-45278Box CarXM1196 58581941 AarACF 23391942
45300-45313Box CarXM14 58-A58-A1941 AarN.P.RY.CO.1942
45314-45447Box CarXM134 58-A58-A1941 AarN.P.RY.CO.1942
45500-45527Box CarXM28 58-B58-B1941 AarPS 56981942
45528-45999Box CarXM472 58-B58-B1941 AarPS 56981942
46000-46725Box CarXM726 58-C58-C1944 Aar LateN.P.RY.CO.1949
47000-47499Box CarXM500 58-H1944 Aar LateN.P.RY.CO.1951
47500-47999Box CarXM500 58-D58-D1944 Aar MidN.P.RY.CO.1948
48000-48999Box CarXM1000 58-E58-E1944 Aar EarlyN.P.RY.CO.1947
49006-Box CarLC159591923 Wood DsPS1925
49010-49011Box CarLC259591937 Wood DsPCF1937
49012-49013Box CarLC259591937 Aar
49015-49016Box CarLC259591931 Wood SsN.P.RY.CO.1931
49017-Box CarLC159591937 Wood DsPCF1937
49018-Box CarLC159591931 Wood SsN.P.RY.CO.1931
49019-49020Box CarLC259591937 Wood DsPCF1937
49021-49022Box CarLC259591931 Wood SsN.P.RY.CO.1931
49023-Box CarLC159591937 Wood DsPCF1937
49024-49025Box CarLC259591937 Aar1940
49026-49029Box CarLC459591937 Aar1941
49050-49999Box CarXM950 58-G58-G1944 Aar EarlyACF 27861946
50000-50449GondolaGS450 6262PRESSED STEEL CAR CO.1940
50500-50749GondolaGS250 6363N.P.RY.CO.1949
51000-51299GondolaGS300 6464ACF1929
51300-51499GondolaGS200 6565ACF1929
51500-51749GondolaGS250 6666ACF1937
52000-52749GondolaGS750 6868PRESSED STEEL CAR CO.1937
53000-53499GondolaGS500 7070PRESSED STEEL CAR CO.1936
53700-53999GondolaGS300 7272Gs CompositeRYAN CAR CO.1927
54000-54799GondolaGS800 7373Gs CompositeRYAN CAR CO.1925
55000-55282GondolaGS283 7575ACF1929
56000-56024GondolaGB25 8181ORTNER CO.1960
56025-56049GondolaGB25 8181ORTNER CO.1965
56050-56074GondolaGB25 80-A80-AST. PAUL FDRY.1967
56500-56504GondolaLG5 81-A81-AORTNER CO.1962
57000-57009GondolaLG10 78-A78-AACF1952
57500-GondolaGBR1 7979ACF1952
57501-57510GondolaGBR10 79-A79-AACF1952
57511-57530GondolaGBR20 79-B79-BORTNER CO.1965
57900-57911Gondola12 78-B78-BACF1952
58000-58211GondolaGB212 8080PRESSED STEEL CAR CO.1937
58250-58749GondolaGS500 81-B81-BPRESSED STEEL CAR CO.1940
58750-58999GondolaGS250 81-C81-CN.P.RY.CO.1949
59000-59249GondolaGB250 7878ACF1952-3
59250-59499GondolaGB250 7878ACF1952-3
59500-59731GondolaGB232 78-C78-CACF1952-3
60005-60195Flat CarFM191 8282SIEMS-STEMSEL1928
60250-60499Flat CarFM250 8383N.P.RY.CO.1936
60330-60449Flat CarFL17083
60505-60799Flat CarFM295 8484PRESSED STEEL CAR CO.1929
60800-61299Flat CarFM500 8585BETHLEHEM STEEL CO.1937
61300-61533Flat CarFM234 8686
61534-61550Flat CarFM17
61800-61999Flat CarFM200 8989SIEMS-STEMBEL CO.1928
62000-62299Flat CarFM300 8787ACF1943
62005-62280Flat CarFL17689
62300-62494Flat CarFM195 87-K87-KGENERAL STEEL INDUS.1965
62500-62599Flat CarFM100 9090ACF1943
62600-62689Flat CarFM90 87-M87-MGENERAL STEEL INDUS.1966
62700-62949Flat CarFM250 87-S87-SN.P.RY.CO.1967
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