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A list of tenders mated with NP steam locomotives after 1900 to the end of steam.

8a0-8-0,  GBaldwin188393,800 Gals.11,000 Lbs.75,000 Lbs.32,350 Lbs.
12a4-4-2,  NBaldwin189934,500 Gals.16,000 Lbs.93,200 Lbs.39,700 Lbs.
14a4-4-0,  BBaldwin1887223,000 Gals.14,000 Lbs.69,640 Lbs.30,640 Lbs.
38a4-4-0,  B-1Baldwin188934,100 Gals.18,000 Lbs.85,970 Lbs.28,320 Lbs.
73a4-4-0,  B-3Grant188823,000 Gals.14,000 Lbs.67,070 Lbs.28,320 Lbs.
3b-120-4-0,  I-1NPR189112,060 Gals.5,200 Lbs.Na Lbs.Na Lbs.
3c2-8-0,  Y-1Alco1900134,350 Gals.18,000 Lbs.94,000 Lbs.38,200 Lbs.
3c4-6-0,  PAlco1897-8184,350 Gals.18,000 Lbs.94,000 Lbs.38,200 Lbs.
3c4-8-0,  XAlco189744,350 Gals.18,000 Lbs.94,000 Lbs.38,200 Lbs.
7c0-6-0,  L-9 & L-10Alco & Baldwin1906-10 & 121054,350 Gals.14,000 Lbs.88,500 Lbs.38,20 Lbs.
8c4-6-0,  S-10Alco1907105,000 Gals.16,000 Lbs.104,000 Lbs.46,350 Lbs.
9c2-8-0,  YAlco1898145,500 Gals.20,000 Lbs.112,000 Lbs.45,000 Lbs.
11c2-10-0,  MBaldwin188627,000 Gals.24,000 Lbs.137,300 Lbs.55,000 Lbs.
12c4-6-0,  P-2Alco1900-2107,000 Gals.24,000 Lbs.145,200 Lbs.62,900 Lbs.
13c4-6-0,  P-1Alco1898-01238,100 Gals.24,000 Lbs.149,750 Lbs.58,250 Lbs.
1d0-6-0,  L-6 & L-7Alco & Baldwin1901, 2 & 3364,000 Gals.12,000 Lbs.84,000 Lbs.38,600 Lbs.
2e4-6-0,  S-4Baldwin1902404,500 Gals.20,000 Lbs.103,000 Lbs.45,525 Lbs.
4e2-8-0,  Y-2, 3, 4, & 5Alco1901-3655,500 Gals.20,000 Lbs.114,950 Lbs.49,100 Lbs.
5e4-6-2,  QAlco1903206,000 Gals.24,000 Lbs.123,400 Lbs.49,400 Lbs.
7e4-4-2,  N-1Baldwin190936,000 Gals.18,000 Lbs.127,340 Lbs.59,340 Lbs.
9e4-6-2,  Q-4Alco1910187,000 Gals.24,000 Lbs.145,300 Lbs.63,000 Lbs.
10e4-6-2,  Q-1, 2, 3, & 4Alco & Baldwin1904-101047,000 Gals.24,000 Lbs.141,350 Lbs.59,000 Lbs.
14e2-6-2,  TAlco1906-71508,000 Gals.24,000 Lbs.148,500 Lbs.58,000 Lbs.
15e2-8-2,  WAlco1904-71608,000 Gals.24,000 Lbs.148,500 Lbs.58,000 Lbs.
17e2-6-6-2,  ZBaldwin1907168,000 Gals.26,000 Lbs.152,700 Lbs.60,000 Lbs.
18e2-6-6-2,  Z-1Baldwin191068,000 Gals.26,000 Lbs.154,700 Lbs.62,000 Lbs.
19e2-8-2,  W-2Alco19052010,000 Gals.38,000 Lbs.191,800 Lbs.70,500 Lbs.
20e2-8-2,  W-1Alco19104010,000 Gals.38,000 Lbs.191,800 Lbs.70,500 Lbs.
22e2-8-2,  W-3Alco1913-201359,300 Gals.32,000 Lbs.193,900 Lbs.78,600 Lbs.
23e4-6-0,  S-3Alco1901-2244,650 Gals.20,000 Lbs.102,000 Lbs.43,200 Lbs.
29e0-8-0,  G-1Alco191948,000 Gals.32,000 Lbs.167,900 Lbs.68,500 Lbs.
30e0-8-0,  G-2Alco1920208,000 Gals.24,000 Lbs.163,000 Lbs.72,100 Lbs.
31e4-6-2,  Q-5Alco19202010,000 Gals.28,000 Lbs.199,600 Lbs.86,700 Lbs.
33e2-8-8-2,  Z-3Alco1913-202110,000 Gals.32,000 Lbs.213,000 Lbs.97,000 Lbs.
35e2-8-2,  W-5Alco19232510,000 Gals.32,000 Lbs.202,300 Lbs.87,000 Lbs.
36e2-8-8-2,  Z-4Alco1923412,000 Gals.32,000 Lbs.224,800 Lbs.92,800 Lbs.
37e4-6-2,  Q-6Alco19232010,000 Gals.28,000 Lbs.198,500 Lbs.85,700 Lbs.
43e4-8-4,  AAlco19261215,000 Gals.48,000 Lbs.313900 Lbs.140900 Lbs.
48e2-8-8-4,  Z-5Baldwin19301121,200 Gals.54,000 Lbs.402,000 Lbs.171,400 Lbs.
55e4-8-4,  A-1Alco1930114,550 Gals.42,000 Lbs.301,000 Lbs.140,700 Lbs.
1f4-8-4,  A-2 & A-3Baldwin1934-35 & 381820,000 Gals.54,000 Lbs.387600, 388350, & 386050 Lbs.169000, 170420, & 167350 Lbs.
2f4-6-6-4,  Z-6Alco1936-72120,000 Gals.54,000 Lbs.398,400 Lbs.175,500 Lbs.
1g4-6-6-4,  Z-7Alco1941625,000 Gals.54,000 Lbs.438,000 Lbs.176,500 Lbs.
1g4-8-4,  A-4Baldwin1941825,000 Gals.54,000 Lbs.443,300 Lbs.181,000 Lbs.
2g4-6-6-4,  Z-8Alco1943-42025,000 Gals.54,000 Lbs.437,000 Lbs.175,500 Lbs.
2g4-8-4,  A-5Baldwin19431025,000 Gals.54,000 Lbs.443,300 Lbs.181,200 Lbs.