Count= 2319
ColumnHill, FredMainstreeter19810111
Inaugural Issue. Cover collage of 3 Q-5 photos
ArticleBarry, John; Egan, Pat; Hill, Fred; Martin, Dale; Nixon, RonMainstreeter19810113
Brief history of Q-5 Pacifics with roster, three photos, data table and diagram of loco only (no tender). Keywords: Class Q-5, Pacific, 4-6-2, diagram, roster, data
PhotoNot identifiedMainstreeter19810121
Head-on photo of NP 328 Class S-10, 4-6-0, ten-wheeler
ArticleMartin, Loren; Nixon, Ronald V.; Shrenk, Lorenz P.Mainstreeter19810123
Brief history of S-10 ten-wheelers with diagram, class data table, roster information, three photos by ron Nixon, Dawn Holmberg and Loren Martin. Keywords: Class S-10, 4-6-0, ten-wheeler, diagram, data
TableHill, FredMainstreeter19810127
Table of 15 locomotives on permanent display as of 1981. Keywords: steam locomotive, preserved, permanent display, NP 25, NP 328, NP 1031, NP 1068, NP 1070, NP 1354, NP 1356, NP 1364, NP 1383, NP 2154, NP 2153, NP 2156, NP 2164, NP 2435, NP 10
ArticleHill, FredMainstreeter19810127
Half page summary of the origin of the Monad symbol. Keywords: Monad, origin
PhotoNixon, Ronald V.Mainstreeter19820131
NP 2650, Class A-2, Northern, 4-8-4 in Rocky Canyon MT
ColumnBarry, John W.Mainstreeter19820132
Provides additional information to previous issue's table of preserved locomotives on permanent display. Keywords: steam locomotive, preserved, permanent display, NP 924, NP 1070, NP 1356, NP 1382, NP 2435, NP 10
ArticleAnderson, Jack; Nixon, Ron; Hill, Fred; Barry, JohnMainstreeter19820133
Brief history of A-2 Northerns with 15 Photos, elevation and cross section drawings, roster, data table. Keywords: Class A-2, 4-8-4, Northern, roster, data, drawings
Photo BuilderMainstreeter198201315
NP 2200 express refrigerator car, 70000 lb capacity, length 50 ft., Capacity 2800 cu ft, tanks for 12500 lbs chunk ice. Keywords: Express reefer, refrigerator car
PhotoPressed Steel Car CompanyMainstreeter198201315
50-ton, single-sheathed, steel frame automobile boxcar, builder Pressed Steel Car Company. Keywords: automobile boxcar
ColumnEgan, PatrickMainstreeter198201315
Review of Overland Models HO scale brass imported NP Class A-2 Northern. Keywords: model, A-2
PhotoOrem, JMainstreeter19820141
Photo of NP 1720 wood caboose at Billings in 1957, by J. Orem
ArticleSherman, NeilMainstreeter19820143
Brief history of 24-foot cabooses, including list of series, paint schemes, renumbering. Keywords: caboose, 24-foot, NP 1200, NP 1600, NP 1700, BN number, paint
ArticleFarrow, Albert E.Mainstreeter19820146
Brief history of NP Class Z-1 2-6-6-2 steam locomotives, with 5 photos by Al Farrow, including Ex-NP 3100 at Rayonier, data table. Keywords: Class Z-1, 2-6-6-2, Mallet, Rayonier, Polson, NP 3100, NP 3101, NP 3102, NP 3103,
PhotoNixon, Ronald V.Mainstreeter19830211
Photo of NP 2360 Prairie, Class T, 2-6-2, Northtown, 6/5/47
ArticleMorris, JamesMainstreeter19830213
Brief History of Class T and T-1 Prairies, elevation and section drawing, Distribution of Power 1953, table of conversion parts for models, data tables for Class T engines superheated and saturated. Keywords: Class T, Class T-1, 2-6-2, Prairie
Color scheme descriptions for: passenger locomotives, freight locomotives, diesel-electric switchers, gas-electric motor cars, passenger equipment, freight auto box caboose drovers's and stock cars, freight refrigerators, open-top flat and tank steel cars, freight car lettering, work and miscellaneous equipment. Keyword: paint, steam, diesel, freight, passenger, work equipment
ColumnGreen, DickMainstreeter198302116
Answers to questions about cab roof covering and color, smokestack height, numbers on sand domes, number boards, yellow hand rails, doghouses on Z-5
PhotoMcGee, Warren R.Mainstreeter20010211
Front cover color photo of eastbound North Coast Limited following the Yellowstone River at Milepost 99 east of Livingston MT, F7A NP 6507C, Nov 24, 1955, Engineer H E McGee
PhotoNixon, Ronald V.Mainstreeter20010212
Inside front cover photo of Train 26, North Coast Limited, near milepost 28 in the upper Jefferson River Canyon near Cardwell MT; Day-night coach 594 and dome coach 557 are shown, dining car menu photo, near location where Raymond Loewy was inspired to create the 2-tone green paint scheme.
PhotoNot identifiedMainstreeter19830221
L-9 0-6-0 on Railroad Street (Alaskan Way) in Seattle in 1920s.
ArticleBarry, John W.Mainstreeter19830223
Brief history of the L-9 0-6-0 Switch locomotives, photos of #1040, #1111, #1132, #1128, #1068#1080, #1049, elevation, data sheet w/ dimensions, roster #1040 - #1134 w/ division assignment and disposition. Keywords L-9, 0-6-0, switcher, roster, diagram, steam locomotive
DrawingNorthern Pacific RailwayMainstreeter198302211
Advertisement which appeared in January 1959 Modern Railroads
ColumnBarry, John W.Mainstreeter198302212
Answers to questions about NP steam locomotive number boards, last mainline steam operations, W Class locomotives on the Idaho Div., NP operating divisions
ColumnBarry, John W.Mainstreeter198402Addend1
Letter about status of society, plan to re-initiate publication.
TableBarry, John W.Mainstreeter198402Addend3
Roster of Class L-9 0-6-0 switchers, with builder, date, builder no., engine no., division, fuel, and disposition
DrawingSullivan, Todd; Miller, Rich; Buike, Dick, Leach, RickMainstreeter19840311
Boxcar paint schemes, chronology 1876 to 1969, dates of introduction where known, hand drawn lettering diagrams, Photos. Keywords: box car, boxcar, paint, lettering
PhotoMartin, LorenMainstreeter19840321
Head-on Photo of NP 1855 in 1956. Keywords: Class W-5, 2-8-2, Mikado.
ArticleBarry, John W.Mainstreeter19840322
History of Class W-5 Mikados, with Photos and diagram, roster. Keywords: class W-5, 2-8-2, Mikado, roster, diagram
DrawingNorthern Pacific RailwayMainstreeter19840322
Diagram of Class X 4-8-0.
DrawingNorthern Pacific RailwayMainstreeter19840322
Diagram of tender for Class W-5
DrawingNorthern Pacific RailwayMainstreeter19840322
Diagram of Class W-4 Mikado 2-8-2
DrawingNorthern Pacific RailwayMainstreeter19840322
Diagram of Class W-5 Mikado 2-8-2
DrawingNorthern Pacific RailwayMainstreeter1984032Insert
Standard Plan of Telegraph Office with Living Rooms for Junction Points dated Dec. 30, 1927, includes painting instructions, 2 sheets. Keywords: telegraph office, standard plan, paint, 1927
PhotoAnderson, RandyMainstreeter1984032Insert
Ryan Car Company stock cars of 1930, diagram, index page from diagram book, Photos. Keywords: stock car, diagram, index, Ryan
PhotoBarry, John W.Mainstreeter19840331
Pictures of heavyweight passenger cars, consists of North Coast Limited on January 14, 1947 (1st and 2nd sections), diagram 159 of Deluxe Coaches 588-597, diagram 204 of diners, diagram of Deluxe Coaches 500-517, diagram 135 of smokers, diagram 232 of parlor cars 1730-1731, diagram 233 of parlor car 1732, diagram 231 of sleepers - chief series, diagram of standard sleeping cars 1214-1216. keywords: heavyweight, passenger, deluxe coach, diner, smoker, parlor car, sleeper, consists, 1947, diagram
DrawingBarry, John; Barger, Ralph L.Mainstreeter1984033Insert
Diagrams 207 Diners 1690-1698, diagram 81 of CB&Q baggage car, diagram of mail and express cars 1443-1452, diagram of baggage cars 1500-1509. Keywords: diagram, heavyweight, passenger, baggage, diner, mail and express.
DrawingNorthern Pacific RailwayMainstreeter1984033Insert
Standard Plan of 1½ Story section house, dated 1910
DrawingNorthern Pacific RailwayMainstreeter1984033Insert
Standard Plan of Ice Houses, dated 1910
ColumnBarry, John W.Mainstreeter1984033Insert
Newsletter, includes modeling suggestions for NP heavyweight passenger cars. Keywords: model, passenger, heavyweight
PhotoShaw, JamMainstreeter19840341
NP 5407A leaving yard. Location unknown
PhotoWhittaker, William C.Mainstreeter19840341
The matched set of FTs illustrates the NP F1 Pine Tree paint scheme
ArticleSchrenk, Lorenz P.Mainstreeter19840341
Brief history of FT diesel locomotives, roster, Photos, painting diagram showing 3rd variant of Pine Tree freight scheme. Keywords: FT, diesel, locomotive, paint, roster, drawing
DrawingBarry, John W.Mainstreeter19840343
Covered hopper car diagram 78, two Photos, built 1967 by ACF, Numbers 7500-75099 and 75750-75799. Keywords: covered hopper, diagram, roster
DrawingNorthern Pacific RailwayMainstreeter19840343
Corrugated iron covering for wooden Bridge 9 on Darrington Branch, dated 21 Sept. 1909. Includes two H. K. Volrath Photos of Darrington Br. Bridge 18 with similar sheathing. Keywords: bridge, covered bridge, corrugated iron sheathing, drawings, Photos, Darrington
ColumnBarry, John W.Mainstreeter1984034Insert
Newsletter, status of budget, proposed upcoming issues with information requests.
DrawingNorthern Pacific Railway, Office of Chief EngineerMainstreeter1984034
Painting & Lettering diagram showing 3rd variant of Pine Tree freight scheme.
PhotoLeach, Rick W.Mainstreeter19840411
Photo of NP Deluxe Coach 584, in train, Seattle, 1969
PhotoLeach, Rick W.Mainstreeter19840411
Photo of NP Dome Sleeper 313, in train, Seattle, 1969
PhotoLeach, Rick W.Mainstreeter19840411
Photo of NP 6703C,w/NCL, King St., Seattle, 1969
PhotoLeach, Rick W.Mainstreeter19840411
Photo of NP Mail Dormitory, in train, Seattle, 1969
ArticleBarger, Ralph L.Mainstreeter19840412
Article about NP NCL passenger cars, disposition and paint diagrams, Water Baggage 400-405, Mail Dormitory 425-429,479, Deluxe Coach 586-599,Doame Coach 550 series, Traveler's Rest 494 series, Sleeper 450 Series, Dome Sleeper 307 series, Sleeper 367 series, Club 390 Series and F3 A&B paint Diagrams
PhotoFredrickson, James M.Mainstreeter198404112
Photo, ¾ view, NP 6004, FT consist, Easton, WA, 1945
PhotoFredrickson, James M.Mainstreeter198404112
Photo, ¾ view, NP FT four unit consist, Wymen, WA, 1944
DrawingNorthern Pacific RailwayMainstreeter198404118
Blue print of NP Standard Plan for Tell Tale, 7-9-38
ColumnBarry, John W.Mainstreeter198404119
Editorial regarding NPRHA news and progress, The Mainstreeter and upcoming Minneapolis Convention 7-19, 1985.
PhotoLeach, Rick W.Mainstreeter198404123
Photo of NP Diner, in train, Seattle, 1969
PhotoLeach, Rick W.Mainstreeter198404123
Photo of NP Sleeper, in train, Seattle, 1969
PhotoProctor, H. N.Mainstreeter198404124
Photo of NP Traveler's Rest, in train, Billings, MT, 11-11-69
DrawingNorthern Pacific Railway, Office of Chief EngineerMainstreeter1984041
NP NCL painting and lettering diagrams for the following: Pg 4 & 21 (EMD F3, A & B units); Pg 6 & 19 (Water Baggage 400-405; Mail Dormitory 425-429,479; Deluxe Coach 586-599); Pg 8 & 17 (Dome Coach 550 series; Traveller's Rest 494 series); Pg 10 & 15 (Sleeper 450 Series; Dome Sleeper 307 series); Pg 12 &13 (Sleeper 367 series; Club 390 Series).
ArticleThorsett, Eugene Mainstreeter19850421
Description of NP perishable fruit operations in the Yakima Valley of Washington State
PhotoNot identifiedMainstreeter19850421
Action shot of 4-6-6-4 5141 with snow covered mountains in background
PhotoCone, Rufus L.Mainstreeter19850421
Refrigerator car 207769 at Livingston MT 9-16-79
TableNorthern Pacific RailwayMainstreeter19850422
NP Icing Stations List
DrawingNorthern Pacific RailwayMainstreeter19850422
Small map of NP lines in the Yakima Valley
PhotoSuter, GeneMainstreeter19850423
End view of NRC 600 (Northern Pacific Car Co.) Express Reefer, B end, lever type hand brake
PhotoSuter, GeneMainstreeter19850423
¾ view of NRC 600 (Northern Pacific Car Co.) Express Reefer, B end, wheel type hand brake
DrawingNorthern Pacific RailwayMainstreeter19850424
Blue Print drawing of NP 91000-91249 series Pacific Car & Foundry (PC&F) steel reefer, 1947
PhotoSuter, GeneMainstreeter19850424
Builder's Photo of NP 91000 steel reefer at PC&C Renton, WA plant
DrawingNorthern Pacific RailwayMainstreeter19850426-7
Painting & Lettering Diagram, NP Ice Reefers: 92000-92999, 94400-94899, 96500 - 97999, 98000-98099
PhotoWhittaker, William C.Mainstreeter19850426
NP 94631 @ Santa Rosa, CA, ¾ view, Yellowstone Park Herald, 11-19-1938
DrawingNot identifiedMainstreeter19850427
Blueprint, NP 94400-94899 series 42 ft. Reefer, Pullman, 1917 Steel Center Sills, 1917
PhotoSuter, GeneMainstreeter19850428
¾ view, NP 91497, B end
PhotoWhittaker, William C.Mainstreeter19850428
Overhead ¾ view, NP 91497 Reefer
PhotoSuter, GeneMainstreeter19850429
End view of NRC 600 (Northern Pacific Car Co.) Express Reefer, B end, wheel type hand brake
DrawingNorthern Pacific RailwayMainstreeter19850429
Blueprint, NRC 601-667 Express Reefer, Passenger Refrigerator Cars Nos. 2200-2269
ArticleFarrow, Albert E.Mainstreeter198504210
Personal interest story about operation of NP's FT locomotives between Auburn and Yakima, WA
DrawingNorthern Pacific RailwayMainstreeter198504211
Drawing of NPRY Standard Scale House
DrawingNorthern Pacific RailwayMainstreeter198504212
Drawing, NP 91500-91999 Reefer, built 1954
PhotoWhittaker, William C.Mainstreeter198504212
NP 91606, San Francisco, 9-54, keyword: reefer
DrawingNorthern Pacific RailwayMainstreeter198504212
Blueprint, NP 93000, 42 foot Reefer, Steel Underframe, American Car and Foundry
PhotoWhittaker, William C.Mainstreeter198504212
NP 93614, side view, San Francisco, 9-19-41
ColumnBarry, John W.Mainstreeter1985042Addendum
Mentions the first NPRHA convention to be held 7-21-85, Minneapolis, MN
DrawingNorthern Pacific RailwayMainstreeter1985042Addendum
Blueprint, NP Standard Telephone Shelter Box, 7-17-1929
PhotoNixon, Ronald V.Mainstreeter19850431
Extra 5120 in Rocky Canyon near Chestnut, MT, dated 7-14-41, Class Z-6, 4-6-6-4, Challenger. Keywords: Class Z-6, Challenger, 4-6-6-4
ArticleBarry, John W.Mainstreeter19850432
History of Class Z-6 4-6-6-4 locomotives, assignments, roster, diagrams of locomotive and tender, photographs. Keywords: Class Z-6, Challenger, 4-6-6-4, diagrams, roster, assignments
ArticleFarrow, Albert E.Mainstreeter19850436
Story of Al Farrow firing a Z-6 from Easton to Yakima, with additional comments on Z-6 engines.
DrawingNorthern Pacific RailwayMainstreeter19850438
Equipment diagram, Class Z-6, 4-6-6-4,
DrawingNorthern Pacific RailwayMainstreeter198504310
Diagram of tenders for Class Z-6, A2 and A-3 locomotives.  Tender Class 2-F-1 and 2-F-2.  Keywords: 4-6-6-4, 4-8-4, Challenger
DrawingNot identifiedMainstreeter19850439
Plans for Auburn, WA depot dated Dec. 29, 1900. Elevations, but no floor plan. Keywords: Auburn, depot, drawings
DrawingBarry, John; Schrenk, LorenzMainstreeter198504310-11
Pianting & Lettering diagram for Cab Style 1 (Class A-2, A-3, Z-6) and Tank Style 3 (Class Z-6), dated Dec 18, 1939.  Keywords: lettering, diagram, cab, tender, tank.
DrawingNorthern Pacific RailwayMainstreeter198504313
Diagram for series 3000-3399 boxcars, built 1960 by Pullman-Standard, with 6-ft sliding door and 8-ft plug door. Keywords: boxcar, diagram
ColumnBarry, John W.Mainstreeter198504317
Recap of first NPRHA convention at Minneapolis, status of membership, pending models from W&R
PhotoCone, Rufus L.Mainstreeter198504319
Photograph of Bozeman, MT scale house to go with drawing in V4 No 2. Keywords: scale house, Bozeman
PhotoNot identifiedMainstreeter198504320
Front end, NP 5107, left side, showing air pumps and white lining on wheels, running boards. Keywords: Class Z-6, Challenger, 4-6-6-4. Paint
PhotoNot identifiedMainstreeter19850441
Front (B-end) of Alco RS-1 diesel locomotive, date and location unknown. Keywords: RS-1, diesel, locomotive
PhotoLeach, Rick W.Mainstreeter19850442
Photograph of 40-ft boxcar 20738? Converted to MOW, and associated diagram for 40-ft box car, 80,000 lbs capacity, Nos. 192000-19799, 24000-25199, 26000-29999, and 41000-48799, truss rods, round roof. General Plan Drawing 17394.Keywords: box car, truss rod, round roof, diagram
ArticleSchrenk, Lorenz P.; Egan, Patrick; Nixon, Ronald V.Mainstreeter19850443
History of Alco RS-1 diesel switcher locomotives, roster with renumbering, diagram, photographs. Keywords: Alco, RS-1, switcher, diesel, diagram, roster, renumbering
DrawingNorthern Pacific RailwayMainstreeter19850444
Equipment diagram of ALCO class RS-1 diesel, NP 800-802, diagram 33. Keywords: diesel, diagram, RS-1
DrawingNorthern Pacific RailwayMainstreeter19850446
Drawings of the freight house in Little Falls, MN dated 15 Sept 1899. Keywords: freight house, Little Falls, drawings
DrawingTellinghaussen, MikeMainstreeter19850448-9
Painting and lettering diagram for road switchers dated Dec 28, 1944, showing application of Scotchlite tape. Gives Dupont and Lucite paint descriptions. Keywords: Diesel, switcher, painting diagram, paint, scotchlite.
ColumnBarry, John W.Mainstreeter198504412
Describes contributors, cash status of organization, plans for next convention
PhotoBarry, John W.Mainstreeter198504415
Photograph of boxcar NP 47004, diagram for Nos. 39500-40999 and 21500-23999, truss rod, round roof boxcars. Keywords: boxcar, diagram, truss rod, round roof,
PhotoNot identifiedMainstreeter198504416
A-end of Alco RS-1 diesel locomotive, date and location unknown. Keywords: RS-1, diesel, locomotive
PhotoNot identifiedMainstreeter19860511
Photo of Gas Electric Car B-3 (date and location not identified). Keywords: Gas Electric, B-3, EMC
PhotoNot identifiedMainstreeter19860512
Photo of Class Z-5 Yellowstone 2-8-8-4 NP 5006, overhead view. Keywords: 2-8-8-4, Class Z-5, Yellowstone, steam engine
PhotoNot identifiedMainstreeter19860514
Photo of F-9A diesel locomotive 6700-C in Loewy color scheme
ArticleSchrenk, Lorenz P.Mainstreeter19860515
History of Gas Electric cars, roster, diagrams, assignments in 1935, numerous Photos. Keywords: Gas Electric car, doodlebug, diagram, roster, assignments, Mack, Brill, EMC, McKeen, White.
DrawingMiller, RichardMainstreeter198605114
Scale drawings of Northern Pacific 1600-series baggage cars rebuilt from Pullman Company Tourist Sleepers,1948, HO scale drawing. Keywords: Baggage Car, NP, rebuild, drawing, HO scale
ColumnHarr, Orin B. Mainstreeter198605119
Letter to W. C. Smith from Orin B. Harr describing pleasant trip in 1955 on Gas Electric Car B-3 from Olympia to Hoquiam and back. Engineer was Max King, Conductor was F. D. Hodges. From Jim Fredrickson collection. Keywords: Gas Electric, B-23, Hoquiam,
ArticleDurr, DuaneMainstreeter198605119
Describes Gas Electric operations on the Fargo Southwestern branch from Fargo to Streeter. Paint scheme for interior of B-21. Keywords: Fargo Southwestern, Gas Electric, B-21, Paint
DrawingNorthern Pacific RailwayMainstreeter198605120
Drawings for Roadmaster's Bungalow at Lester, WA dated 1927. Includes 4 side elevations, floor plan, porch detail, window details, sketch map Lester roundhouse area showing location. Keywords: Roadmaster's Bungalow, Lester, drawings
TableBarger, Ralph L.Mainstreeter198605122
Roster and notes for baggage cars 1616-1640 rebuilt in 1948 from Pullman tourist sleepers. Keywords: baggage car, roster
DrawingMcKown, WilliamMainstreeter198605123
Advertisement by W&R Enterprises for auxiliary tenders, including Photos of prototypes, Fire Car 795, Water Car 323 (Tender Class 22E), Auxiliary Tenders Nos. 900-923 used behind W-3 and W-5 mikados. Keywords: auxiliary tender, fire car, water car, advertisement
ColumnEgan, PatrickMainstreeter198605124
HO Scale - Cascade Models passenger cars, Oriental Limited passenger car North Coast Limited set, W&R heavyweight passenger coaches, W&R Z-4, PFM Z-3, PFM Z-5, Al Chione slide set X612R NP diesel locomotives, Al Chione slide set C-318 NP passenger cars.
ColumnEgan, PatrickMainstreeter198605125
Beginning bibliography of 17 publications about the NP
DrawingNorthern Pacific RailwayMainstreeter198605126
Drawing of highway crossing warning device with wigwag located about 15 ft above road, undated. Keywords: wigwag, crossing signal, drawing
DrawingNorthern Pacific RailwayMainstreeter198605126
Drawing of highway crossing warning device with flashing light and revolving stop sign, Griswold type. Keywords: crossing signal, flashing light, Griswold, rotating stop sign, drawing.
PhotoNot identifiedMainstreeter198605127
Photo NP 1361 Class S-4 ten wheeler, 4-6-0, ¾ view right side undated. Keywords: Class S-4, 4-6-0, ten wheeler, steam engine
PhotoNot identifiedMainstreeter198605128
Photo NP 5123 Class Z-7, Challenger, 4-6-6-4, ¾ view left side, undated, pulling fruit special east of Missoula. Keywords: Class Z-7, 4-6-6-4, challenger, steam engine
PhotoNot identifiedMainstreeter19860521
Photo NP 1368 pulling log special westbound at Kanaskat, WA in 1937. Keywords: Class S-4, ten wheeler, 4-6-0, steam locomotive
PhotoNixon, Ronald V.Mainstreeter19860522
Photo of pile driver NP 28 removing a Howe Truss span over the Bitter Root River between Missoula and Lola, MT. Keywords: pile driver, Howe Truss
PhotoThompson, F. BarryMainstreeter19860524
Photo of NP 2187 ascending Prairie Line at Pacific Avenue in Tacoma with Train 422 to Hoquiam, Hotel Savoy in background. Keywords: Class Q-4, Pacific, 4-6-2, steam locomotive, train 422, Tacoma
ArticleBarry, John W.Mainstreeter19860525
History of Class S-4 4-6-0 ten wheelers, with Photos, diagram, Photo of each side in Vauclain Compound configuration. Keywords: Class S-4, ten wheeler, 4-6-0, diagram, Vauclain compound, roster.
DrawingMiller, RichardMainstreeter198605213
HO Scale drawing of Plan 2417 for heavyweight buffet, parlor, 24-seat, drawing room passenger car, rebuilt from Pullman cars. Keywords: passenger car, heavyweight, drawing, HO scale, buffet, parlor
DrawingMiller, RichardMainstreeter198605214
HO Scale drawing of Plan 2416 for heavyweight buffet, parlor, 26-seat, drawing room passenger car, rebuilt from Pullman cars. Keywords: passenger car, heavyweight, drawing, HO scale, buffet, parlor
ColumnMcKown, WilliamMainstreeter198605218
Northern Pacific Reserved Seat Coach Nos. 1380 and 1381. Good Photo of prototype, brief history of coach. Keywords: HO Scale, Reserved Seat Coach
ColumnEgan, PatrickMainstreeter198605219
HO Scale Ogle Coaling tower by Bob Brass
PhotoNixon, Ronald V.Mainstreeter198605220
Photo of NP 7014 eastbound at Blossburg, pulling fruit special. Blossburg depot in background. Keywords: F-9, diesel, Blossburg, depot
PhotoNixon, Ronald V.Mainstreeter198605220
Photo of NP 6008 picking up orders on fly at Bozeman, MT. Keywords: F-3, diesel, Bozeman, train orders.
DrawingNorthern Pacific RailwayMainstreeter198605221
Plan of Division Headquarters building in Pasco, dated Jan 23, 1906. Keywords: Pasco, plan, Division headquarters.
ArticleSchrenk, Lorenz P.Mainstreeter198605222
History of Bellingham Branch, which started with the Bellingham Bay and Eastern, and is today the Lake Whatcom Railway. Map, locomotive diagram, 4-wheel coal car diagram. Keywords: Bellingham, Lake Whatcom, map, Class C-32, 4-4-0, Class H-5, 2-4-0, diagram, coal car.
PhotoNot identifiedMainstreeter198605226
Photo of NP 1721 inside Staples, MN roundhouse. Keywords: 2-8-2, Mikado, Class W-3, Staples.
PhotoNot identifiedMainstreeter198605227
Icing refrigerator cars at Pasco, showing NP 90880 and men loading ice in top hatches. Keywords: Pasco, ice platform, refrigerator cars
PhotoNot identifiedMainstreeter198605228
Photo of NP 130 (later renumbered NP 652) switching cars at an unidentified location. Keywords: Baldwin, VO-660, diesel
PhotoNot identifiedMainstreeter19860531
NP 110 (later NP 401) Baldwin VO-1000 diesel switcher at Baldwin Locomotive Works, Eddystone, PA, 1941. Keywords: Baldwin, diesel, switcher, VO-1000
PhotoMeyer, Bruce R.Mainstreeter19860532
Photo of NP 1846 Class W-5 mikado 2-8-2 showing smokebox-mounted air pumps and headlight., 1957. Keywords: Class W-5, 2-8-2, Mikado, steam locomotive, smokebox.
PhotoQuinn, J. R.Mainstreeter19860534
Photo of NP 2385 Class T Prairie 2-6-2, ¾ view right side, 1955. Keywords: Class T, Prairie, 2-6-2, steam locomotive.
ColumnBarry, John W.Mainstreeter19860535
Highlights of 1986 convention in Tacoma with Photo of attendees in front of west side of Lester Depot.. Keywords: Convention, Lester
ArticleBarger, Ralph L.Mainstreeter19860537
Brief history of the Pullman-Northern Pacific Association 1881-1917, covers wood 10-section drawing room smoking room sleepers and subsequent modifications, diagrams, roster, Photo of Spokane; with narrow vestibules, Keywords: Pullman, sleeper, parlor car, diagram, narrow vestibule, roster.
DrawingNorthern Pacific RailwayMainstreeter198605310
Drawing of cab interior for Baldwin switchers, showing seat and equipment arrangement. Keywords: drawing, Baldwin, diesel, switcher, cab interior
ArticleAngle, DonMainstreeter198605311
History of Baldwin VO-660 and VO-1000 diesel switchers on NP, including diagrams, roster, assignments, table of weights to be stenciled on locomotives, Lettering, numbering and painting diagram, showing Baldwin switch engine. Keywords: diesel, switcher, Baldwin, VO-660, VO-1000, diagram, roster, assignments, lettering, numbering, painting.
DrawingNorthern Pacific RailwayMainstreeter198605321
Drawing of Highway crossing sign with illuminated sign, dated 1920. Keywords: highway crossing sign, drawing, illuminated, flasher.
DrawingNorthern Pacific RailwayMainstreeter198605322
Standard Plan depot very similar to 1890 standard plan for 1st Class Combination depot.. This plan likely predates 1890 plan, and has slightly fancier ornamentation with different baggage door arrangement. Similar to AMB kit. Keywords: depot, First Class, 1st Class combination depot, standard plan, Forsyth
PhotoYanosey, RobertMainstreeter198605325
Photo of VO-1000 NP-413 formerly NP 160. Keywords: diesel VO-1000 Baldwin
PhotoJohnston, Robert W.Mainstreeter198605326
Photo of VO-1000 NP 427 formerly NP 174. Keywords: diesel VO-1000 Baldwin
ColumnEgan, PatrickMainstreeter198605326
HO Scale: Richard Yaremko decals for Big Pig Palace stock cars, Central Valley Models stock car, NP commonwealth pilots, Atlas S-2, Front Range 40-ft boxcar.
PhotoNot identifiedMainstreeter198605327
Photo of Brainerd shops from the Administration Building
PhotoNot identifiedMainstreeter198605328
Photo of NP 666 Class B 4-4-0 at Brainerd, formerly NP 419, formerly Class N. Keywords: Class B, Class N, American Standard, 4-4-0.
DrawingNorthern Pacific RailwayMainstreeter198605314
Painting & Lattering diagram for NP Baldwin VO-660 and VO-1000 diesel switchers.
PhotoNot identifiedMainstreeter19860541
NP 1713 pulling freight train, undated. Keywords: Class W-3, Mikado, 2-8-2.
PhotoQuinn, J. R. CollectionMainstreeter19860542
B-13 at Garrison, MT on 8-10-52. Keywords: B-13, gas-electric
ColumnDurr, DuaneMainstreeter19860545
Information about upcoming convention in Fargo
ArticleSchrenk, Lorenz P.Mainstreeter19860547
History of Loewy's involvement with redesign of the North Coast Limited in the early 1950s. Describes exterior and interior decorating changes, addition of new cars, including domes, Traveler's rest and parlor-bar-lounge cars for Seattle-Portland pool service. Keywords: Loewy, paint, interior decorating, vista-dome, traveller's rest, parlor-bar-lounge, passenger cars.
DrawingSandrin, JimMainstreeter198605410
Roster with disposition for VO-660 and VO-1000 diesel locomotives, with photo of NP 427 after conversion to ET-2 slug for use at Pasco hump yard. Keywords: diesel, Baldwin, VO-660, VO-1000, ET-2, roster
DrawingNorthern Pacific RailwayMainstreeter198605411
Drawings of Sumner, Washington depot, including Photos, dated Sept 17 1912. Keywords: drawings, depot, Sumner WA.
DrawingNorthern Pacific RailwayMainstreeter198605414
Painting & Lettering diagram for gas-electric motor cars showing the stenciling, dated 1930.  Keywords: gas-electric, stenciling, painting, diagram
ArticleCone, Rufus L.Mainstreeter198605416
Summary of 40 ft 6 in boxcars built during and after WWII, particularly those built at Brainerd shops. Includes roster of 40 ft 6 in boxcars built 1940 to 1953 at Brainerd and elsewhere. Keywords: Boxcar, Brainerd
ArticleThorsett, EugeneMainstreeter198605418
History of Brainerd facilities, both as a railroad operations center and shops for cars and locomotives. Keywords: Brainerd MN, car shops, locomotive shops, hospital, tie treating plant, immigrant reception facility, Minnesota & International.
ArticleWildung, Gary; Suter, Gene; Cone, Rufus L.Mainstreeter198605420
Roster, diagrams and Photos of freight cars constructed at Brainerd from 1947 to 1957. Keywords: Brainerd MN, car shops, diagrams, roster, boxcar, flat car, gondola, ore car
ColumnEgan, PatrickMainstreeter198605425
HO Scale: Cary Locomotive Works GP-9, Frontrange GP-9, Oriental Limited steel cabooses 1100 series, W&R arch window coach, Cascade arch window diner, Overland U-28C, Overland U-33C,
DrawingEgan, PatrickMainstreeter198605425
Painting, steam locomotives, diesel freight locomotives, diesel passenger locomotives, Pine Tree. Keywords: Paint, steam, diesel, freight , passenger, Floquil, Scalecoat, Accu-Paint, Pine tree.
ColumnBarry, John W.Mainstreeter198605426
Equipment sitings, Little, Falls, MN depot
PhotoNot identifiedMainstreeter198605427
Class Q-3 NP 2160, left side, dated June 1948.
PhotoMeyer, Bruce R.Mainstreeter198605428
Rear cover photo of rear end of tender, NP 1794 Class W-3 Mikado 2-8-2. Photo shows doghouse and rear of tender details, water standpipe, dated June 1, 1957 at Duluth. Keywords: Class W-3, Mikado, 2-8-2, tender, doghouse
PhotoFarrow, Albert E.Mainstreeter19870611
Photograph of NP 2216 Class Q-4 departing Auburn, WA with the 3-car Tacoma connection train, July 6, 1953. Keywords: Class Q-4, Pacific, steam locomotive, Auburn, Tacoma connection.
PhotoNixon, Ronald V.Mainstreeter19870612
Photograph of NP Extra 229 East picking up orders on fly from Superior, MT depot on July 1, 1960. NP 229, diesel, GP-9. Keywords: GP-9, Superior MT, train orders
ColumnBarry, John W.Mainstreeter19870614
Society news
PhotoNot identifiedMainstreeter19870614
Photograph of NP 2170 taking coal from steel coaling tower at Paradise, MT on August 11, 1943. Keywords: Paradise MT, coal tower, Class Q-4, Pacific, 4-6-2
ArticleTarbox, Gary L.Mainstreeter19870615
Historical overview of Class Q through Q-4 Pacific 4-6-2 steam locomotives with photographs of Q-3 and Q-4 engines. Keywords: Class Q, Class Q-1, Class Q-2, Class Q-3, Class Q-4, Pacific, 4-6-2, steam locomotive.
ArticleFarrow, Albert E.Mainstreeter19870618
Recollections of Class Q-4 Pacifics around Auburn, WA and Stampede Pass by Al Farrow, fireman and engineer. Keywords: Farrow, Class Q-4, Pacific, Auburn WA, Stampede Pass, Lester WA.
ArticleAngle, Don; Tarbox, GaryMainstreeter198706110
Recollections of Class Q-4 Pacifics around western Montana by Don Angle, fireman and engineer. Includes information from Ron Nixon, details about throttle and brake handling. Keywords: Angle, Nixon, Class Q-4, Pacific, Montana, Livingston MT, Butte MT
DrawingAust, Dennis, redrawn byMainstreeter198706113
Plan of Sartell, MN brick depot dated 1915, with elevations for track side and back side of depot on page 13, ends on page 16. Keywords: brick depot, plan, Sartell MN
DrawingAust, Dennis, redrawn byMainstreeter198706114
Lettering diagram for pre-1948 locomotive and tender, undated, using Class Q-6 as example.
DrawingAust, Dennis, redrawn byMainstreeter198706114
Diagram for Class Q-3 Pacific 4-6-2 locomotive and Class 10E tender, Baldwin, 1909. Keywords: Diagram, Class Q-3, Pacific, 4-6-2, steam locomotive, Class 10 E tender
DrawingAust, Dennis, redrawn byMainstreeter198706115
Diagram for Class Q-4 Pacific 4-6-2 locomotive and tender (class not given), Alco Schenectedy, 1910. Keywords: Diagram, Class Q-4, Pacific, 4-6-2, steam locomotive, tender
TableTarbox, Gary L.Mainstreeter198706117
Roster for NP 2148-2170 with builder, Const. No., date, disposition. Keywords: roster, Class Q-3, Pacific, 4-6-2
PhotoNot identifiedMainstreeter198706117
NP 2194 parked at the timber coal dock in Tacoma. Keywords: Class Q-4, Pacific, 4-6-2, coal dock
TableTarbox, Gary L.Mainstreeter198706118
Roster for NP 2177-2223 with builder, Const. No., date, disposition. Keywords: roster, Class Q-3, Pacific, 4-6-2
TableTarbox, Gary L.Mainstreeter198706119
Distribution of Class Q-3 and Class Q-4 locomotives by Division in 7/25, 4/39, 5/50, and 11/57, and final disposition. Keywords: distribution, division, disposition, Class Q-3, Class Q-4, Pacific, 4-6-2, steam locomotive
PhotoBaldwin Locomotive WorksMainstreeter198706120
Builder's photo of Class Q-3 Pacific steam locomotive, with wooden pilot and high-mounted headlight., NP 2150, March 1909. Keywords: builder's photograph, Class Q-3, Pacific, 4-6-2, steam locomotive.
ColumnEgan, PatrickMainstreeter198706121
Weaver O-scale RS-3 with information about RS-3 details; Pinetree paint scheme; HO-scale Front Range 40-foot single-8-foot-door box car NP numbers; HO-scale Walthers double airslide covered hopper NP numbers; announcement for W&R HO-scale express reefer, Class Y-2 2-8-0,Class G-2 0-8-0; announcement for Shoreham Shops heavyweight North Coast Limited.
TableBarger, Ralph L.Mainstreeter198706122
Roster for NP deluxe coaches NP 1350-1379, rebuilt in 1935-1938 from Pullman coach smokers built in 1915, undated.
DrawingAust, Dennis, redrawn byMainstreeter198706123
Diagram of Deluxe Coaches 1350-1359
DrawingAust, Dennis, redrawn byMainstreeter198706123
Diagram of Deluxe Coaches 1360-1366 with notations on coach smokers that were rebuilt into this class, undated.
DrawingAust, Dennis, redrawn byMainstreeter198706124
Floor plans and elevations of all four sides for NP brick Lunch Building at Spokane, WA, dated 1902, showing present occupancy of spaces. Keywords: Spokane WA, lunch building, plans.
DrawingAust, Dennis, redrawn byMainstreeter198706126
Diagram for 100000 lb capacity refrigerator cars, NP 98500-98549 built 1958. Actually 40-foot insulated box cars. Photographs of NP 98500 and interior dividers. Keywords: refrigerator car, insulated box car, diagram
PhotoNot identifiedMainstreeter198706127
Inside rear cover photo of stock car 82985 having truck replaced at Mandan ND, with Mandan depot in background. Keywords: stock car, truck, Mandan ND
PhotoNixon, Ronald V.Mainstreeter198706128
Photograph of Train 3, The Alaskan, detouring on the Washington Central Branch, crossing Spokane River bridge at Wilbur WA in 1950. Train has F-units in pinetree passenger paint and train of mixed pinetree and Pullman green cars. Keywords: Pinetree, Train 3, Alaskan, Wilbur WA, Spokane River bridge.
PhotoNixon, Ronald V.Mainstreeter19870621
Photograph of NP 6008, FT diesel, pulling stock cars past steel oil derrick at Fryburg ND. Keywords: Stock car, FT, diesel, oil derrick, Williston Basin, Fryburg ND.
PhotoBaldwin Locomotive WorksMainstreeter19870622
Inside front cover, Baldwin builder's photograph of NP 5002, smokebox of Class Z-5 Yellowstone 2-8-8-4 steam locomotive, showing air pumps and bell mounted on smokebox; sandbox and headlight mounted on pilot. Keywords: builder's photo, Class Z-5, Yellowstone, 2-8-8-4, steam locomotive.
ColumnBarry, John W.Mainstreeter19870624
Society news
PhotoNixon, Ronald V.Mainstreeter19870624
Photograph of NP 5144, Class Z-8, 4-6-6-4, steam locomotive pulling train of welded rail past Kootenai, ID depot in 1953. Keywords: Class Z-7, 4-6-6-4, Challenger, Kootenai ID.
ArticleCone, Rufus L.Mainstreeter19870625
History of livestock shipping operations and facilities, advertising, shipping charges, car supply and utilization,
PhotoNot identifiedMainstreeter198706212
Photograph dated 1885 of NP 306 (first NP 15) 4-4-0 American Standard, Baldwin 2635 built 1871. Locomotive first used at Kalama in 1872. Photo of NP 15020 stock car. Keywords: 4-4-0, American, stock car,
PhotoCone, Rufus L.Mainstreeter198706213
Photograph of stock pens, April 1887, at Townsend MT.Keywords: stock pens, Townsend MT
DrawingNorthern Pacific RailwayMainstreeter198706214
Standard Plans for stock pens; one, two and four pen yards dated 1932, and for detail of unloading chute dated 1914. Keywords: stock pen, unloading chute, drawing, plan
ArticleCone, Rufus L.Mainstreeter198706216
History of NP stock cars, including wood cars, Ryan Car Co. cars, Pig Palace cars, drover's cars, rosters and specifications. Keywords: stock car, Ryan, Pig Palace, drover's car
DrawingNorthern Pacific RailwayMainstreeter198706222
Diagram of 40-ft 6-in stock car, series 83750-83999, Capacity 80000 lb, built by Whipple Car Co, 1913
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